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Karate Practice


Our annual calendar is dynamic. Want to stay current with all the latest news, upcoming tournaments, and events? This page is regularly updated to make sure that you are informed of all that is going on at West Coast Martial Arts Fremont.

Light and Shadow

Closed Monday, Sept 4th

In observance of Labor Day, we will be closed on Monday.  See you on Tuesday!

Important dates excludes association tournaments & black belt testing.

This is the testing schedule by belt level during belt test.

This is the class schedule. Please follow your belt rank classes.

Tournament is Saturday, Sept. 23rd

This is the non-wrestling schedule. Wrestling classes are Saturdays 2-3pm.

This is the forms presentation for tournaments. Memorize it!

Judo Belts

August 25th - Color Belt Test

Next color belt test is Friday, August 25th. Get your stripes for curriculum and sparring (green belt & above)!

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