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Karate Belt


June 19th - Closed for Juneteenth
June 20th - Color Belt Testing
June 24th - 29th - Mastery Test (Closed)

Dates & Schedules

Welcome students and parents!  Below are the holiday closures, class schedule, wresting schedule, color belt test schedule, association tournament registration link and

forms presentation.


Important dates excludes association tournaments & black belt testing.

This is the testing schedule by belt level during belt test.

This is the class schedule. Please follow your belt rank classes.

This is the non-wrestling schedule. Wrestling classes are Saturdays 2-3pm.

This is the forms presentation for tournaments. Memorize it!

Judo Belts

 Color Belt Tests

May 23

June 20

July 25

August 22

September 26

October 24

November 21

December 19

Get your stripes for curriculum, sparring & and tournament

(Lil Dragon Green & Jr. Green & above)

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